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Custody of Family Pets in Divorce Cases

Custody of Family Pets in Divorce Cases

Most of us consider our pets part of our family and have strong emotional attachments to them. However, it is important to understand that under Indiana law pets are considered property. Just like any other asset, custody of your family animals in a divorce is subject to dispute.

So, what are some factors that may be considered when deciding who keeps a pet? If you adopted or purchased the pet, you could seek records from that facility or shelter showing you are the owner. Vet records are another source of evidence showing you are the primary “property owner” of the pet. This may help convince the Court that the pet is rightfully yours and should be awarded to you.

Divorce is already an emotional process—you shouldn’t have to worry about losing your best friend as part of it. It is worth considering getting a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement drafted while the marriage is still healthy. If there is a clear agreement on who a pet will go to prior to divorce, it will make this process far easier and save you from more emotional turmoil down the line.

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