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McNeelyLaw has a number of registered civil mediators with a wide variety of experience in both mediation and litigation, including J. Lee McNeely, Thomas A. Brodnik, Jacob S. Brattain, Ryan J. Guillory, and Erik C. Johnson. The mediators at McNeelyLaw take a practical approach to solving your problems because they have the experience to evaluate your case and propose solutions that will work for both sides.

Mediation provides a mechanism for resolving disputes that can be advantageous to the parties to a dispute. Mediation can be less costly, less formal, and faster than litigating a case to its conclusion and allows the parties to keep the resolution of their dispute private and out of the public record. Let the mediators of McNeelyLaw help you by serving as a neutral party to try to resolve your dispute without having to go through a trial.

With access to multiple conference rooms and facilities, we can host your mediation in either Shelbyville or Indianapolis, but our mediators are also willing to travel to your offices to minimize the disruption to your day.

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