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Appointing a Standby Guardian

Appointing a Standby Guardian

Parents of minor children have more to consider with regards to estate planning than just property distribution. A parent is responsible for the safety and welfare of their children. In Indiana, you can account for the guardianship of minor children within a Last Will and Testament. In the alternative, Indiana law allows parents to appoint a standby guardian to eliminate any gap in the care of children following the death or incapacity of the parent.

A standby guardian holds the powers necessary to support and care for children and takes immediate effect upon the death or incapacity of the custodial parent without the need for a Court hearing. To establish this appointment, parents must sign the proper documentation in the presence of a notary public. This tool is only a temporary fix, however, as the standby guardship will terminate 90 days after becoming effective. If a standby guardian intends to petition for a permanent position as guardian, he or she must do so within that 90-day period.

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