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New Indiana Laws as of July 1, 2022

New Indiana Laws as of July 1, 2022

The Indiana legislature passed over 150 new laws this session, and some of them took effect immediately. However, as usual, most of them will go into effect on July 1. Below are a few of the most notable new Indiana laws:

HB 1296 – The Indiana legislature has rescinded the licensing requirement for owning or carrying a handgun in the state. This bill does not remove the restrictions on owning or carrying a handgun for certain groups, including minors, fugitives, illegal immigrants, and those convicted of domestic violence, stalking and certain other crimes. However, if you are legally allowed to own a handgun, you may now do so without first acquiring a license.

SB 8 – The Indiana legislature passed a bill this year to prevent charitable organizations from bailing out large numbers of people. The new law will limit any organization without a license to posting bail no more than three times in six months, and not at all for anyone accused of a violent crime.

HB 1079 – The Indiana legislature updated the state’s definition of rape for the first time since the 19th century this year, enabling far more rapes and sexual assaults to be prosecuted. The law doesn’t require actual consent for sex, but it does allow prosecution if the person refused consent in almost any way, if they were compelled through force or threats of force, or if they were unconscious.

HB 1004 – In a reversal of a 2014 law, low-level felons will once again be incarcerated at state facilities. The 2014 law had allowed those felons to serve their sentences in local jails in an attempt to ease overcrowding at state institutions, but this led to overcrowding at those local jails. As a result, these felons will once again be housed at the state level, shifting the cost burden back to the state government.

HB 1130 – This law requires local Boards of Education to allow oral public comment at each public meeting, but it also allows them to set a time limit on the comment period at those meetings. The bill also allows for the removal of attendees who are being intentionally disruptive, and it allows for virtual meetings under certain conditions.

HB 1002 – Indiana has passed a tax reduction plan that will cut income taxes by more than 10% (from 3.23% to 2.9%) by 2029 and will completely repeal the utility receipts tax.

HB 1003 – This bill attempts to ease the nursing shortage in the state by easing licensing requirements. The bill creates a number of procedures to allow inactive EMS personnel, retired nurses, and graduates of foreign nursing schools to be certified to serve as registered and practical nurses in Indiana.

HB 1093 – This law seeks to ensure that virtual learning days in public and charter schools meet certain standards for academic rigor. Under the new law, schools can have up to three virtual days that do not meet the new standards. Beyond that, those days will not count toward the required 180 educational days under Indiana law unless the school gets a waiver from the state for unique circumstances.

HB 1116 – This bill seeks to tighten election security by requiring election boards to provide a paper trail for all votes by 2024. It also requires absentee voters to provide identification when applying for their absentee ballot online.

HB 1351 – This bill requires companies to notify victims whose data may have been included in a data breach within 45 days in most cases.

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