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Divorce Workshop Requirement

Divorce Workshop Requirement

Counties throughout the state of Indiana have adopted a rule requiring divorcing parents to partake in a parenting class, sometimes referred to as a “divorce workshop.” This workshop is designed to help parents navigate post-separated parenting and encourage agreements concerning child-related matters. The general rule requires that parents attend the workshop, but in certain limited circumstances, such as if the child is nearing the age of majority the requirement may be waived. Since these rules were adopted at the county level, we have set out the requirements for a few surrounding counties below.

Shelby County

Both parties in any divorce with minor children (un-emancipated children under eighteen (18) years of age) must attend the workshop entitled “Children Cope with Divorce.” Each party must complete and certify to the court under oath that they have completed the four-hour course. Absent such certification, the Final Hearing will not be set or, if the parties have submitted a settlement agreement, a decree will not be issued. The parties are responsible for paying the cost of the program, which is currently $70.00 per person. If you cannot afford it, you may petition the court for a waiver of the fee.

Marion County

Within thirty (30) days of filing a dissolution action involving minor children or paternity proceeding, the parties must complete a court-approved parent education class and provide the written certificate of completion to the court. A list of Court-approved providers is on the Marion County courts website.

Rush County

Before final hearing will be scheduled for a Dissolution of Marriage or a Legal Separation in which the parties have minor children of the marriage, each party must attend at least one session of a parenting workshop. The moderator of each session will provide each attendee with a certificate of attendance which must be filed with the Clerk before the Court will grant a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage or a Petition for Legal Separation. Further, each party is responsible for cost of the session, with fee waivers available upon a good faith showing of indigence.

Decatur County

In all dissolution actions where there are minor unemancipated children, the parties are ordered to attend a dissolution education workshop and file proof of attendance with the court.
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