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Divorce in Indiana: Communication with Your Child

Divorce in Indiana: Communication with Your Child

In Indiana, divorced parents have a right to communicate with their child while the child is staying with their other parent. Parents also have a duty to allow the other parent reasonable communication with the child. Of course, these communications cannot be so frequent that they interfere with the time the visiting parent is spending with their child. Communications must be reasonable in time and in length.

The Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines, found at https://www.in.gov/courts/rules/parenting/index.html, suggest that parents work out a schedule for communication so that the child can be available for any phone calls or video chats. For example, a good schedule would be a phone call every day at lunch and a video chat every night before bed. If a parent sends any texts to the other parent that are meant for the child, the other parent is supposed to promptly relay those messages to the child.

For the safety and comfort of the child, Indiana requires parents to allow the other parent communication with their child while they are not with the child. The goal is for the child to have open communication with both parents at all times, including while the child is with the custodial parent and during visitations with the other parent. Any attempt to block a parent’s access to communication with their child is unacceptable and may lead to a change in custody or parenting time.

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