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Child Support: What You Should Expect to Owe

Child Support: What You Should Expect to Owe

When a dissolution of marriage takes place, or someone is ordered to pay child support, often what they will owe weekly is a big concern. Child Support is a statutory duty that is for the benefit of the child and both parents have a duty to pay child support depending on several circumstances. Weekly income from employment and the number of overnights the child spends at each parent’s home are the biggest factors considered in the calculation of child support, but there are additional considerations. Covering childcare costs and health insurance premiums can reduce the obligation to one party, and increase it for the other. Further, additional alimony obligations and additional subsequent children living in the home are also factors. Child support can be modified if there is a significant change in your circumstances, but you will have to keep paying the current ordered child support until you petition the Court for this change. Contact us now if you need a modification or need additional assistance in child support concerns.

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