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What You Should Know About the Pretrial Conference Step in Indiana’s Criminal Process

What You Should Know About the Pretrial Conference Step in Indiana’s Criminal Process

There are several steps involved in Indiana’s criminal process, one of which is a Pretrial Conference. A Pretrial Conference is a procedural hearing where the prosecuting attorney and the defense attorney may confer with the judge on a variety of matters. This may include discussing which matters should be presented to the jury, reviewing evidence and witnesses to be used at trial, setting a timeline of events, or to discuss a potential resolution of the case. Indiana Code section 35-36-8-3 outlines the purpose of a Pretrial Conference as providing the prosecution and the defense the opportunity to consider any matters relating to the proceedings, including the simplification of any issues that may be tried and the possibility of obtaining admissions of fact and of documents which will avoid unnecessary repetition.

Allowing the prosecution and the defense to discuss the case during a Pretrial Conference ensures that the appropriate documents have been exchanged between both parties or otherwise provides a forum to resolve any discovery issues. The parties may also use a Pretrial Conference to report to the court the status of plea bargain discussions. A plea agreement obviates the need for a trial; however, to evaluate whether a plea is a good option, both sides need to have an adequate understanding of the facts and evidence in the case.

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