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The Importance of Paternity in Indiana with the Modern Family

The Importance of Paternity in Indiana with the Modern Family

Family units in Indiana are made up of all different dynamics and are not all what would be considered as the traditional family unit anymore. In Indiana, husbands are presumed to be the biological father of any children born during a marriage to the mother. Any other male, including boyfriends, are not presumed to be the biological parent, regardless of how long you a relationship has lasted between the man and the mother.

Any male who is not legally married to their partner when a child is born must establish paternity. Otherwise, this male has no legal rights to the child. This can be especially important if the couple later break up because as long as paternity is not established or registered with the appropriate State agency, the child could be adopted by another male. Contact us at (317) 825-5110 to discuss registering with the Putative Father Registry in Indiana and the next steps to obtaining legal rights to a child.

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