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Indiana’s New Throwing Star Law

Indiana’s New Throwing Star Law

A new bill in Indiana has legalized throwing stars, the thin, star-shaped knives that gained popularity in martial arts films during the 1980s. Known as Shuriken in Japanese (meaning “hidden hand blade”), they were the traditional supplementary weapon of the Samurai. Records indicate that moral panic fueled by dramatic uses of the stars in movies and television in the 1980’s enabled Indiana lawmakers to enact a bizarre statewide ban of the stars in 1985. Indiana Code § 35-47-5-12 banned “Chinese” throwing stars and defined them as a “throwing-knife, throwing-iron, or other knife-like weapon with blades set at different angles.” Under Senate Enrolled Act 77, signed by Governor Holcomb, Indiana will now regulate throwing stars the same way as any other knife weapon.

This new law may be of significant interest to axe-throwing venues interested in adding throwing stars to their arsenal of amenities. Throwing stars can be a fun and safe addition if adequately maintained. However, it’s important to note that the new law does include some restrictions. You cannot possess a throwing star, or any knife, on school property or a school bus. Additionally, to meet the qualifications to have throwing stars featured at your range, you may have to take several steps, including providing liability insurance and experts on-site to demonstrate and teach their use.

These additional requirements are due to the difficulty in competently learning to throw the stars. If throwing stars are even a little damaged, they can create one of the easiest ways for someone to get hurt. The pointed edges can roll entirely over and create a hooked blade. If somebody isn’t paying close attention, there’s a possibility they may cut their hand in the process of throwing the blade.

If you are a business looking to add throwing stars to your services, or just have questions about the new law and its implications generally, contact McNeelyLaw today. Our experienced team of Indiana business attorneys can protect your interests and ensure compliance with new legal requirements.

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